Plan Ahead

Travel Insurance

What would happen if a death occurred while you were traveling or at your seasonal residence?

The unfortunate truth is that many times the death of a love one occurs while they are away from home.  This forces us to take the necessary steps to handle arranging to have our loved one brought home from somewhere we may not be so familiar with.  The added expense of the preparation, administration and transportation from the place of death can add an unnecessary burden to the family.

Just for example of what these costs could run; first you would have the contracted funeral home where the death has occurred -- these charges range from $ 1,500.00 to $3,500.00; then there would be the transportation from the place to death -- airfares can range from $ 300.00 to $900.00.  These are just estimates and could run much higher and would be much higher if the death occurs internationally.

Our Solution: Travel Protection Plan

What is the APASI Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan?

Until now, there has been a void in prearrangement packages. To fill this void and provide for caring and efficient transport of mortal remains, APASI has created the "Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan".  This assistance program responds when death occurs anywhere in the world, utilizing a network of priority senders. Repatriations are routinely handled from overseas locations as well as within the United States.

Why does everyone need this plan?

  • Pays all costs including rising air costs
  • Coverage protects when death occurs while traveling 100 miles or more from your legal residence
  • Provides for transportation of deceased to originally selected funeral home and cemetery
  • Coverage includes travel anywhere in the world

Assures your peace of mind